It is mine – all mine!
Now I can watch Dr Who on my TV in DVD quality, instead in avi format on my computer monitor. The fact that I am way too excited by this is testament to how truly dull and boring my life has become.

In other news, I went to a wedding on the weekend. I will type up a full report on this once Lela and I have uploaded the photos from her camera.
Also we went to a book reading by Sarah Waters. It was great to hear her speak not only about her new book, but her other books and her whole writing and research process. Also it was really nice to be in a room with 150 other lesbians.

Went to a seminar today on customer service in the vet clinic. It has given me a few ideas about things we can introduce into the clinic, but in terms of customer service I didn’t feel that it was that useful. All of us on our forms pretty much said that we wanted help in dealing with difficult clients and they spent maybe 5 minutes on it out of 6 hours. *sigh* The times you really need customer service training is in dealing with difficult clients – you need to know how to handle them, what things to say or not to say and how to defuse a rapidly escalating bad situation. None of that was even mentioned. So kind of a waste of time for what I was hoping to get out of the seminar. Still I got the day off work, so I shouldn’t complain too much.


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