I have had a very dissatisfying day. I did get my brand new mobile phone that I wanted, a Nokia 6111. However, they sold me the wrong USB data cable, so I can’t upload the photos I have taken on my phone, nor can I download ringtones. Most disgruntled. Now, I have to find time somewhere to go back and return the cable and then wait til they order in the right one and go back and get it. *sigh* Not Happy Jan!
I also wanted to buy a plain button-up short sleeved black shirt, but do you think I could find one anywhere? Of course not. I need it to wear to a wedding I am going to next weekend. No damn idea what I am going to wear now, and I don’t have anytime to go shopping between now and next Saturday morning. I hate days like this.

On the plus side, Lela brought me Season 1 and 2 of Scrubs, plus she also got me the Serenity DVD for my birthday. Maybe I should go and watch some of them and cheer myself up, cause at the moment, I am cranky, pissed off and depressed.


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