It has been 10 years today since John Howard has become Prime Minister. In that time, I feel Australia has been a meaner place. We are more racist, more sexist and generally more rude than we were 10 years ago. It doesn’t help that we have a Prime Minister who wins elections based on lies that refugees threw their children off a sinking ship, and then when the truth was revealed (they didn’t) he refuses to apologise. Howard refuses to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong – he only says that he wasn’t told. Based on the number of things he “wasn’t told” it is a wonder he knows what day it is, let alone having the knowledge to run the country. The latest scandal over the AWB paying kickbacks to the Iraqi regime during the Oil for Food program is a perfect example – the whole government is claiming that they weren’t told despite the fact there are written memos and cables TO the government about it. Given how competitive we are about securing agricultural contracts, there is no way that the government didn’t know about it nor gave their silent approval of it. They would have done anything to secure such a lucrative contract.
I am just hoping next election that the Liberal government will be defeated, but considering Labor are as dull as a wet Wednesday and have no policies or even ideas, I sincerely doubt it. Why oh why, don’t we have a realistic alternative to the Liberal government?


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