The rain I hoped would continue last night did… culminating in a massive downpour at 2am this morning that woke me up and kept me awake for half an hour.
When I arrived at work this morning, I discovered that the massive downpour caused the back section of our ceiling to collapse and the clinic was covered in a centimetre of water. I grabbed the only digital camera I could find (the crappy one) and took some photos in case we needed it for insurance purposes. We can also show it to our landlord who may finally fix the problem. This isn’t the first time that part of our ceiling has collapsed after heavy rain.

The flooded treatment room

The collapsed ceiling section and our poor old exit sign

Close-up of the collapsed ceiling

I spent the next four hours trying to rid of the clinic of water. Lots of towels and blankets did the trick. Putting them in the spin cycle of the washing machine was a great idea as well – then you could reuse them.
Fortunately, it was deathly quiet at work – only two consults and no surgeries or grooms, which was a good thing considering.


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