I got to do another IV injection today – this time on a client’s cat and this time I was asked to do it, instead of being the one asking. Usually, we “practice” on the dogs from the pound that are going to rescue organisations, because they aren’t going to complain if ‘Fluffy’ has both legs with a shaved patch if you stuff up a vein. So, my second ever IV injection and it is on a client’s animal – and I get the vein first time. Go me! Also did another blood draw (on a rescue animal), which didn’t go so great. The vein just wasn’t giving me a nice stream of blood, but I got the three drops (and a bit more) needed for the heartworm test.

We currently have in hospital an 8 week old puppy who we suspect has parvo. Unfortunately, since the puppy was only vaccinated 4 days ago we can’t test for it as the test will come up positive for the next 11-15 days anyway. Also the pup doesn’t have the classic symptoms of parvo – constant bloody diarrhea. This morning it went into respiratory distress and had to go onto oxygen, but by this afternoon it was drinking and eating, followed closely by vomiting. It is annoying not knowing exactly what is wrong with a patient. Still, I am getting lots of practice doing heart rate, respiratory rates and temperatures – every hour. We just have to hope that the puppy will take a turn for the better instead of the worse.

We now have two new kittens at work – both fluffy orange tabby males approximately 8 weeks old. Very, very cute. I will take pictures when I get a few spare minutes.


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