I have gotten motivated today. After 3 months of just looking at it, I have vacuumed the two upstairs rooms and the stairs. They were covered in a more than liberal amount of dog hair. Seeing as the upstairs rooms are where the computers are, it is the place where Lela and I (and the dogs) spend a lot of time. I was getting sick of a) looking at it and b) when I do my exercises getting a covering of hair all over my clothes. It took me at least an hour to vacuum it all up and looking decent, but it is now done. I also created a carpet freshener consisting of bicarb soda and ground cinnamon – I just love the smell of cinnamon.
I then headed downstairs and finally organised the kitchen cupboards so that utensils and plastic containers stop jumping out at you every time you open a cupboard door.
I think I shall reward myself by doing some cross-stitch and then watching the WNBL Grand Final at 4pm.
Please let Canberra beat Dandenong. I couldn’t put up with Dandenong winning three years in a row.


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