I was allowed to run around work with a digital camera today as part of sorting out a photo feature on our vet software, so I took some photos of our most recent stray kitten.

Kitten sitting on the hourglass of the jungle gym

Close-up of her on the hourglass

Just playing on the jungle gym.

I talked to our software support guy because our photo feature wasn’t working correctly only to find out it was because we have an out of date version of the software. Now tell me why we pay him $1000 a year for support, cause it doesn’t get us the newer version of the damn software. *much anger*

For a couple of months we have had the running saga of who is dumping rubbish in front of our clinic and the Indian restaurant next door. We initially thought it was the restaurant but after talking to them we realised it wasn’t. However, the mystery has been solved. The guys who own the restaurant did some reconaissance last night and discovered that it was in fact the dentist who has the space above our clinic. It doesn’t surprise me that it is them. Now we have to work out what to do. I think I might just tell Kerri – she is great at revenge tactics.


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