Today I successfully did a blood draw, an IV injection and an intubation. YAY!! For the blood draw I managed to hit the jugular on my first try, but it took me three attempts to hit the vein to do an IV injection. No doubt I will get much better with more practice. Still I was excited all day to have finally done it.

Still managing to stick to my diet and exercise plan. I am now in week three. Unfortunately, I haven’t appeared to have lost any weight this week, but my stomach is getting smaller – still have a long way to go before I am slim and gorgeous. I think I need to rethink my diet. I am eating too many carbs, and during the day I am not eating enough. One piece of fruit between 11am and 8:30pm is not enough. My dilemma is what I can take to eat on the train that is portable, will fill me up and is not a bread product.


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