We had a patient in today called Mimi who made the term fractious feline look like a complete understatement. She was in with breathing difficulties, but had no trouble growling and spitting at us through the cage. If you went to check her vitals she would go ballistic with claws and teeth trying to grab whatever they could. We were forced just to do respiration reps instead of the whole workup every 30 minutes. Finally, we decided to brave it and get her out of her cage to give her two injections and send her home. We were armed with the mighty leather cat gloves and a thick towel. Mimi didn’t want a bar of it and despite my best efforts I could not get her to stay still. During the struggle I hear Catriona shout out, “Oh my god” and I look over to see a needle sticking out of my arm. Catriona got me and not the cat. I laughed as Catriona pulled it out and fussed over me. 0.1mL of Torburgesic isn’t going to do me any harm. Eventually we got the injections into Mimi and discharged her, and I am left with a needlestick injury and a nice little bruise on my arm.
It probably should have gone in the incident book. I think injecting your vet nurse with Torb is classed as an incident.


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