Work has gotten better. Kerri has gotten over whatever bug was up her ass and is actually willingly helping me. We had a staff meeting yesterday about ways to improve our practice. One of our goals was to enjoy coming to work. It seems since then everyone has been more relaxed. Odd.

Catriona’s geriatric dog Audrey is back in hospital. Audrey is dying of cancer and is on supportive care. She came in yesterday afternoon having vomited all weekend and was staggering. She went on a drip last night and this morning was doing much better. So much better that she was walking around the clinic with an empty IV drip bag trailing behind her. However, she has a very severe head tilt which she really didn’t have before. Unfortunately, Audrey wanted to greet every single one of our clients. So through the waiting room would wander this old Jack Russell with a head tilt and an empty IV bag trailing behind her. Oh yes, this is definitely the way to make our clinic look more professional. We now have a new goal – not to let any of the clients see either Catriona or Todd’s dogs. Todd’s dog Monty is also living at the clinic and has severe arthritis and can’t really bend any of his joints. He also has an annoying habit of wanting to greet clients as well. So we have two elderly and infirm dogs wandering around concerning the clients. It does provide a lot of laughs for us though, especially Audrey getting her IV bag caught under doors and not being able to move. Eventually we did remove the IV bag and fitted her with a port so she would stop getting stuck in odd places. Yes, we are sick, sad individuals.


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