I had my meeting with my boss, Catriona today. It was a mixture of good and bad things. On the plus side, they want me to stop acting like the junior nurse (even though I technically am) and have more of a say in how things are run and organised. They have also promised to train me in the more practical side of nursing like blood draws and IV injections. However, this comes with condition. I will only be trained if I increase my speed in cleaning and doing my other jobs. This is where the bad things comes into it. It turns out that Kerri has been bitching to Catriona about how I am not doing the filing. This turned into me not doing my evening clean-up fast enough and not showing initiative. So, the way things stand, I have to increase the speed at which I do all my jobs in order to do more jobs and if I do them all, then I will be taught more nursing skills. The fact that I am getting no support whatsoever from Kerri wasn’t really addressed, but it was explained to me that Kerri is doing the ordering of stock and drugs and the clinic can’t function without her. Therefore, whilst she spends her entire 6 hour day, 5 days a week ordering in stock for a one vet clinic, I have to do all the work. I got criticised on my grooming skills, well the lack there of. They have to improve, which I do agree with, but how I am supposed to improve them and take more time with my grooms to get them perfect whilst getting no help, I am not so sure.
I did get in one hit though, I complained about the fact that patients aren’t being entered on the computer, priced up and paperwork done by the time the client arrives to collect them. I said, quite diplomatically, that this was something that we all needed to work on doing better as it makes us look unprofessional. To which Catriona replied, “Shouldn’t Kerri be doing that?” I just smiled and nodded. If Kerri is going to sit at the front desk all day, she should do something useful. It would also help if she answered the phone instead of giving me the portable phone and expecting me to book in clients whilst I am out bathing dogs and nowhere near a damn computer. The excuse “I don’t want to be disturbed” shouldn’t wash when she is sitting out at the front desk right next to the computer.
So, yeah, I am grumpy. I did get my ass rightfully kicked for not communicating with people about where I am with jobs. So, I have to endeavour to tell people that I really am too busy to do the fucking filing.


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