Why is it whenever I think that my life is going fine something always fucks up? I am losing weight, the house looks good, things between Lela and I are great and work is fine. Now my boss, Catriona, wants to take me out to lunch to discuss my expectations of the job, my training and things she is “not especially happy about”. Yikes!! I have been completely stressing out about what I have done wrong since she told me last night. Yes, it was nice of her not to spring it on me, but honestly, I do better that way, or else I completely stress out about it. So, the lunch is supposed to take place today, and I am maintaining a low level of panic. I am not good at this kind of thing. I have a feeling that she is not happy about the cleaning and the filing that isn’t getting done. However, because Kerri isn’t pulling her weight out the back leaving all the baths, grooms and surgery prep to me, then something is going to not get done. I can’t do the work of two people. However, Kerri is the golden child of the clinic and I can’t bad mouth her. Lela recommended saying that I feel overwhelmed by the workload, which sounds good, but then sounds like I can’t do my job. I also want to be trained up in doing blood draws, ET intubation and get my proficiency on doing heart rate and pulses up. I am sick of always being stuck doing the grooms because Kerri has 10 years nursing experience over me. I signed up to be a nurse not a groomer. Whilst I understand that the grooming does bring in much needed money, I don’t want to be always the one doing it. Besides, I really suck at clipping dogs and this is very obvious. I can’t do it as quickly or as well as Kerri – again the whole lack of experience, but I feel like everyone expects that by now I should be an expert at it. Now if I can only get my point of view across without getting emotional about it and bordering on tears that would be a plus.


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