Shopping Spree

I headed into the city today to buy my father’s birthday present and then took myself on a bit of a shopping spree. I brought supplies for the next cross-stitch piece I am going to start. Then I headed to Lush and was very, very good. I only brought some shower gel (Happy Hippy) and a cellulite massage bar aptly called Buffy the Backside Slayer. I love everything Lush, not only do they make products that work exactly like they say they do, but they smell so, so good. I was tempted to buy some more bubble bars, but I refrained.
A stop-off to the Chemist saw me buying hair dye (Intense Mahogany Brown) plus some oils – lemon oil to get rid of the spiders in the bin area and to make the house smell nice, and some oil of cloves to kill the mould in the bathroom. I also brought a soap dish to store Buffy in. Then I hit Borders and brought three Terry Pratchett books (“Guards!Guards!”, “Eric” and “Moving Pictures”). I am slowly making my way through the Discworld series.
Then I traveled to Marrickville Metro to get my haircut. The hairdresser had an interesting interpretation of what the phrase “just above the shoulders” means. Apparently it means about 2cms below my earlobes. My hair is now the shortest it has ever been. I am alternating between hating it and liking it. Short hair makes my face look extremely fat and round, but on the other hand, no more hair sticking to my sweaty neck and it is well out of the way for work. It will grow out and being this short means a longer time between visits to the hairdresser.
When I got home I watched the WNBL Semi-Finals on TV – Dandenong versus Adelaide. Alas, Dandenong won which means they host the grand final at their home court for the fourth year in a row. I just hope that they don’t win the finals. Then I went all girly and dyed my hair, had a bubble bath, shaved my legs and put on a face mask (Lush’s Cupcake).
Now I am just hanging out online waiting for my hair to dry so I can see what it looks like.


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