Last night we had an overweight beagle (20kg) called Ralph come in as his back dew claws were growing into his skin. It obviously didn’t occur to his owners to cut them before it got to this painful state. I tried doing it myself, but it was so painful for the dog and the owners were unable to hold him. We had the owners leave him with us for an hour so we could do nail clip out in the treatment room and finish up the surgery we were in the middle of when they arrived.
This damn dog didn’t want his nails cut, or even touched. We had him muzzled and with me practically sitting on his and we still couldn’t keep him still. Ralph had perfected the alligator death roll. It was almost freaky. I could pin him down with everything I had and he could still roll. Finally we got the nails cut, albeit too short so that they were bleeding. I got some fairly nice injuries out of it as well. Two lovely deep cuts from the end of my palm and down my wrist, plus some nice grazes down my arm. At one point we couldn’t tell whose blood it was on the floor – mine or the dog’s. We charged double the amount we normally do for a nail clip as it took the two of us 15 minutes to clip just two nails. The owners complained (of course), so I just showed them my arms. That shut them right up.
Today they are sore, in the kinda of infected stinging way. Plus I am grumpy because it was so damn humid last night that I barely slept. I hate summer.


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