For some reason I have the urge to bake on really hot days, I have no idea why. I vetoed my desire to attempt to make bagels as working with bread dough on such a hot day would be a complete and utter nightmare, not to mention having to boil and then bake the bagels. I just went with basic sugar cookies and tried out my brand new cookie cutters. I have an Egyptian cat that I brought at the British Museum, yes, I went to the British Museum and brought a cookie cutter. I also have one that says Boo! and a pumpkin. Therefore, my cookies have a Halloween theme despite the fact that it is January. I also skipped making icing for them as it was too damn hot. I did get creative and put some hundreds and thousands on some of the cats though. I do enjoy baking, but I am sure I will enjoy it more once this damn weather cools down.


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