Just finished cleaning out our kitchen cupboard aka the pantry. I threw out two garbage bags of stuff that was either out of date, open and unused or stuff we simply don’t use. I scrubbed the shelves and repacked them. Now we can see exactly what we do and don’t have. Words simply don’t describe how nice that is.

Lela and I also tackled the jungle also known as our backyard this morning before it grew too hot (32C). Some of the vine that is threatening to take over has been removed and Lela has mowed the tiny patch of grass. One day we might get our backyard looking respectable, then we shall have to tackle the front yard which is also overgrown and looks absolutely terrible.

Now, to clean out my underwear and sock drawer which is currently overfull of stuff I don’t wear.

EDIT: Drawers are now cleaned out and I have a garbage bag full of stuff to throw into the charity bin. I then tackled the wooden chest at the end of our bed that stores sheets and towels and added another two garbage bags of stuff to go into the charity bin.


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