We have a free range rabbit living in the backyard of the clinic. The scariest thing is that it took me until last night to realise. I thought when I saw this white rabbit sitting in the backyard that I was seeing things, I was just about to finish up an 11.5 hour shift, so anything is possible. I went to get Catriona to help me capture it as I thought it was a stray. Now I am seeing this rabbit everytime I go out into the backyard. It makes me wonder why I never saw it before. I am hoping that is because it was hiding from me. I don’t want to contemplate any other reasons why my mind creates a blindspot when it comes to rabbits.

I dislike dog rescue organisations. No, that is not correct. I dislike the people involved in them. I can deal with the main people we deal with, it is their hangers-on that I can’t stand. We have a business arrangement with three known rescue groups. They let us know when they have dogs coming in and what vet work they want done. Then their “groupies” get involve and because they don’t know the system they think they can call us an hour before a dog comes in and we will automatically do the vet work. We need notice people, and that little tricky thing called authorisation. We do not appreciate knowing one hour beforehand that you have arranged for a German Shepherd to be dropped off at our clinic so that you can come and collect it. We really don’t appreciate it that you assume that we have the time and the staff available to desex it too. Acting surprised when I tell you that it is highly unlikely we will be able to do the surgery is also frowned upon. Also just because you are a foster carer for a rescue organisation does not mean that you can get desexing done at rescue prices on dogs that are not officially rehomed by that organisation. I hate that we are being taken for granted by people. We are a fucking business, not a charity.


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