I don’t bruise like normal people, in fact I barely bruise at all. Injuries that would cause massive bruising in others, only rate a small purple dot on me. Take today for instance. We have in a 60kg rottweiler (the same one as yesterday), who when we did a medical check on him this morning, had the beginnings of a very nasty hotspot on his check. Conan (cause what else do you call a massive rottie)was completely and utterly petrified by the clippers and holding him down was not as easy task. Partway through the struggle, I got the back of my hand smashed against the corner of the counter causing a lovely v-shaped crater. The carter turned a lovely dark blue. When we had finished with Conan I took a look at my hand and all there is is a small purple dot. However, touching that purple dot causes much pain and swearing.
Just looking at my hand now, even the purple dot has gone, leaving just a red v-shape. Oh well, at least it was a patient that injured me this time, and not the usual inanimate object. Wrestling Conan today has left me feeling very battered. I guess not every job finds you lying on top of a 60kg rottweiler.

Rory has developed a new trick when stealing socks. Normally, she rushes out on the back deck and waits for you to call her in for a treat in return for your sock. Now, she just takes the sock into her crate. Her love for socks just reached a new level as only food and much loved possessions get taken into the crate.


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