First Day Back at Work

First day back at work, and the morning did not go well. Firstly I set off the alarm system as I forgot the alarm code. I had all the numbers right, just in the wrong order. Then our x-ray machine ate our x-ray film and then promptly died – this is whilst we had a 60kg rottweiler with a swollen rear leg in. We just took a couple of x-rays and then transferred him into a cage and waited til about 3:30pm until the repairman could make it out. Obviously my holiday must have totally refreshed me as I did not even get close to being stressed out. Dead x-ray machine, boarding cats not cleaned and feed, two surgeries and a groom and it is already 12pm… no problem. I got everything done, and even got lunch albeit at 3:30pm. Also, I was fully expecting to do an 11 hour shift, and Lorelle our weekend nurse turned up at 4pm to relieve me. It is all good.

Also, although the makers of Coke Zero tell you it has the real Coke taste, but with no sugar, it does not in fact taste like real Coke. It doesn’t taste as chemically as Diet Coke does, but it is nowhere as good as real Coke. It kinda tastes bland.


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