Pups With Promise

This year I decided I should do something to give back to the community, now that I have a full-time job and can spare $30 a month. Instead of going down the cliche route of sponsoring a child, I decided to do something that involved something I loved… puppies. I am now the co-sponsor of a litter of guide dog puppies. My $30 a month goes towards helping to pay for their training and their upkeep for the next 2 years. My pups still have not been born – that will happen sometime in the next few months.
When I get updates from Guide Dogs NSW, I will post them here, so be prepared for some pictures of adorable puppies. I feel really good about this kind of community service as it indulges my love for dogs and puppies and lets me help a cause I really support. Seeing Naomi and her guide dog Barney and how Barney brings so much joy into her life as well as more independence and mobility really made me want to help others achieve the same. Which reminds me that I should talk to work about getting a guide dog donation can as I think our clients will donate generously.
If those of you living in NSW/ACT are interested in also co-sponsoring a litter, here is the information page. I am sure that other guide dog associations throughout Australia and the rest of the world also have similar schemes.


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