I hate pictures of myself. It is combination of a low self-image and just being generally unphotogenic. But it is time to get over it. So I present me.

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Only kidding.

Here is me..
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I am pulling the rock chick pose, even though I can’t play a guitar chord to save myself. I can finger pick and Lela snapped this shot when I was trying to work out how to play “Auld Lang Syne” whilst staying at the castle in Haarlem.

Now you can actually see my face…
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I am pulling a bit of a funny face here as I am saying to Lela, “you want a photo of me doing that?” I was referring to me drinking a massive glass of Coke. But I kinda like it, shows my mischeivous side.

Think I might get lelak to pick her favourite photo of me from our trip. She is a much better judge than my, very biased every photo of me is terrible, self.


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