Lela and I are now safely back home. You don’t realise how isolated Australia really is until you spend 26 hours traveling. Caleb and Rory were very pleased to see us, but last night they did seem a little confused as to what they were doing back home. All was well this morning as their normal routines started back up again, including the morning snuggle time, which occurred at 6am. Despite only sleeping for about an hour on the plane and then not going to bed until 10:30pm, we were wide awake at 5:30am, but we stayed in bed until 6:30am. Therefore, I have gotten much accomplished this morning; I am now fully unpacked, done a load of laundry, had breakfast, cleaned windows (though why I felt compelled to do so is beyond me, let’s just blame it on the jet lag), walked the dogs and fixed up our network problems – and it is only 10:40am.
It feels really good to be home.


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