Still alive

Lela and I are currently in Cardiff, Wales on the final stage of our European holiday. Tomorrow we head back to London and fly back home the following day. Whilst in Cardiff I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with daydreamweaver for an incredibly delicious Japanese meal and a fun evening of watching “Muppets from Space” and chatting about roleplaying games. Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Currently Lela and I are sitting in McDonalds in Queen Street using thier internet connection. The price of £2 an hour is fine but their mouseless touch screen computers with their metal keyboards take quite a bit to get used to.

Have found myself with a very strong desire to watch Doctor Who after visiting their exhibition today and watching some of the new series at Sarah’s place on the weekend. Help! I think I am becoming a Doctor Who fan.

See you all back online on the weekend. As much as I have enjoyed this trip, it is good to be going home.


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