Boxing Day in London

Still alive…

We are currently in London. Lela and I got reprieve from my parents and have spent the day just wandering around London. We checked out Oxford and Regent Streets and stared at the masses of people lined up for the Boxing Day Sales. We found ourselves back at Green Park again (we were there yesterday) and decided to head over and check out Hyde Park. We managed to see the Royal Horse Guards parading through Hyde Park, which was very cool. Hyde Park was really nice and it was fun to watch all the dogs out exercising. I am desperately missing Rory and Caleb. We saw the Peter Pan statue in Kensignton Gardens and somehow found ourselves in Paddington. Therefore, I had to buy a Paddington Bear and take photos of it at Paddington Station. When we manage to get our photos online I will post them here. We had lunch at a local pub and got a double decker bus back to Tottenham Court.

Yesterday was spent walking around London although nothing was open. We went to Green Park where there was many tame squirrels scurrying about. One came up to sniff my hand, but decided I was uninteresting as I did not have any food. We saw Buckingham Palace and the Royal Horse Guards as well as Westminister and Big Ben. It was very strange walking about London on Christmas Day. There was just tiny clumps of tourists here and there. Usually there are Londoners going about their daily life as well as tourists taking snapshots of the sights, but yesterday all the Londoners were off enjoying Christmas dinner, so just us tourists were out. It was very weird. Last night we watched a brand new episode of Doctor Who as well as The Importance of Being Earnest. We are heading off to the theatre tonight to see “Mousetrap”.
According to the weather reports it is supposed to snow tomorrow, but at the moment, it is just freezing cold rain.


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