Greetings from Oxford

Lela and I are still alive. We had a disasterous morning the day we left – Lela’s computer suffered a virus the night before effectively killing her computer and our internet connection, on the morning of our flight Rory got into the Mars Bars packed in my carry-on luggage required to be forcefully feed mustard dilated in water to get to throw up – and to top it off our flight was delayed by two and a half hours. However, we made it to Vienna – and it was snowing!!!! It was a true winter wonderland – there was snow
everywhere, and it was a lovely -2C. We had a wonderful time harassing everyone with our woefully bad German, although I did manage one whole conversation without having to resort to asking if they spoke English. Public transport is so wonderful there, and also so efficient. Trains actually arrive every 5 minutes. It was extremely easy to get everywhere we needed to go. Also the city is amazingly dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed to go everywhere – in shops, on trains, in hotels, in restuarants. *sigh* I just wish Sydney was even remotely like that. Vienna was such gorgeous place, I just wish we could have spent longer there than two days. It is definitely on the list of places we must go to again.

Met up with my parents in England, and so far we have not killed them, although we have been
very close. I swear they are carrying more than double the luggage we are – actually I know
they are, it has been our job to help carry it around.
England has been much warmer than Vienna – a lovely 7C – 11C during the day.
We are currently in Oxford, having been to Bath and Statford. Bath was another place I wish I could have spent more time in. Just wandering around the city was so lovely. Another place for the must go to again. Tomorrow we head to London for Christmas, and hopefully we can organise to meet up with Bin and Claire before going to Paris on the 29th. We will be back in the UK on the 7th Jan to meet up with Sarah, and then will spend a couple of days in Wales(daydreamweaver I must get in contact with you somehow to organise meeting for dinner) before heading home.


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