Two Days to Go

Only two more sleeps until Lela and I are on our way to Vienna. Since Lela has totally shown me up by packing last night, I decided that I better get a move on. I have now packed all my clothes, everything else I still have to pack is still in daily use. I have decided not to pack any washing powder. I put the powder in a ziplock bag and it looked like I had a baggie of cocaine. That really isn’t a look I was hoping to create, so I might just buy some whilst I am over there and avoid customs thoroughly searching my bags and myself. A body cavity search is not an experience I want to have.

Work has been hellish the past two days. I really need a break from the place. I am just angry and grumpy Riayn at the moment. My boss Catriona is on a cleaning kick which means that my workload has just doubled. I am also not allowed to leave work until a minimum of cleaning has been done. Last night I got out an hour late mainly because we ran overtime in consults by 30 minutes and then my boss still expected me to get all the cleaning done. It doesn’t help that Kerri is renowned for leaving early when there is a million things to do and the place is an absolute mess. It is little wonder I can’t get everything done when I am trying to do the work of two people.

Today was just a nightmare. I had to do the morning shift because Kerri had her daughter’s speech day. Catriona was also out of the office for 3 hours because she had her daughter’s Christmas concert. Therefore, I was doing stitch removals, admitting patients, answering phones and dealing with walkins all by myself, whilst I had 6 grooms waiting to be done. *sigh* Kerri, who was supposed to be at work at 1pm, called at 1:10pm to ask if it was busy. She was still at home. Therefore it was 2pm before she turned up. She also brought a foul mood with her complete with criticisms about my grooming. Then our intern vet, Liz, turned up at 3pm and wanted to do a surgery that really should have been left until tomorrow, all because it had been a year since she had done a cat spey. So, in the middle of madly rushing around trying to finish grooms that all had to be out the door by 4pm, we did a cat spey as well. Oh yes, I am really due for holidays.


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