Christmas Sunday

Yesterday was such a huge and exhausting day. Lela and I got up early to drive to Newcastle to do the whole family Christmas thing. We started off with brunch with most of my dad’s side of the family, which this year was really nice. The kids are growing up and are less obnoxious. They are actually at the age where you can sit and talk to them. It is weird though to be reading the same book as your 8 year old nephew, even if it is Harry Potter. Someone thought it would be really cute to give Lela and I the care of my 1 year old nephew Samuel. Yeah, the two most unmaternal people at the table nursing the baby. We did what all good aunts should do; fed him lollies, got him all sticky and gave him back to Mum.
Then we had lunch with my Nanna and Parka (my mother’s parents) back at my parents’ apartment and exchanged presents. Lela and I got suitcases to take overseas, plus general trip stuff including a Mars Bar each to take on the plane. Rory and Caleb also got Christmas presents (as they do every year) containing lots of treats and some gorgeous blankets. I actually haven’t given them their presents yet… maybe tonight if they are well-behaved.
Then after lunch and chatting to my parents about the trip and where we are going to go, we headed back to Sydney and to my work Xmas party. By the time we got there, they had set up a race circuit for these little motor cars, and the kids were going crazy on them. Finally we got all the kids off them and it was time for us adults to play. It was so much fun trying to race your co-workers around the tracks only slightly faster than you could walk it. I just want to announce that I, the only one without my driver’s licence, won! I am now an expert in turning left. We had dinner and played celebrity head. Then my boss Catriona pulled out the karaoke machine and to get our Christmas present we had to sing. Fortunately, we kinda did a group thing as no one but Catriona wanted to do solos. My Christmas present was perfect; A Home Baking cookbook, a shortbread mould and a trip diary. Somehow I think work wants me to bring in more baked goods. I may have set a dangerous precedent here.


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