Summer has well and truly arrived. It was 40C today. It was that dry heat where the air actually felt like it was burning. Unfortunately, the cool change we were to have hasn’t arrived. It is 10:15pm and it is still 33C. I hate summer. I don’t cope well with the heat. Fortunately, work has air-conditioning, so spending all day at work on a day like this isn’t a bad thing. Alas, my house doesn’t have air-conditioning and when it is hot like this, I don’t sleep. I am dreading the thought of tossing and turning all night covered in sweat. Did I mention that I hate summer?

Another thing I hate is being made to do everything at work by myself. Today, I had to assist in five surgeries and also do a groom. What did Kerri do? She put up Christmas decorations and tidied the shelves. I was out the back running around like an insane chicken trying to get everything done whilst she does fuck all. I made her come and help me with my groom, mainly because the dog I was grooming (a border collie) had bitten me twice and was still trying to bite me through its muzzle. She did about 5 minutes grooming and then announced she was going home – half an hour early. Leaving me with the entire clean up of the clinic plus finding all the things she failed to do before I arrived at work like washing the dirty litter trays and feeding the rabbit that is boarding with us. I was also shocked to find out she had left a cat in a boarding cage with no food or water – on a 40C day! WTF!! She is the head nurse. She has done this job for over 12 years. I am the newbie. I am the one supposed to being stupid things like this. *growl* I thought she had gotten over this crap of leaving me to do everything that needs doing, obviously not. Majorily pissed off at her right about now. At least she had the decency to buy me a huge bottle of Coke when she decided that going shopping was more important than actually doing any work.


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