My Lush order arrived today, since I only ordered it on Friday morning I am pretty impressed. I ordered some solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars to take overseas, so I won’t have the worry about the shampoo spilling in my luggage and also the bars will take up less room. The ones I got were; Jumping Juniper which is for oily hair, Soak & Float, which is for dandruff and Fuel which is a conditioner. The lovely people at Lush also sent me some samples as well; Jungle which is the other conditioner they stock and a Christmas soap called ‘Twas the night before Christmas. Needless to say as soon as I got home I had to shower so I could try everything out. The soap was just gorgeous and made my skin feel so soft. I was a little dubious about the shampoo bars and the fact that you only had to rub them over your scalp a couple of times to get a rich lather. Color me shocked and surprised when I ended up with a head full of suds, way too many suds actually. Less rubbing over the scalp the next time I use it. The conditioner was also odd as you just stroke it over the hair and then rinse it off. It didn’t leave the hair really soft when it was wet like liquid conditioners do. My now-dry hair feels really soft, yet doesn’t have that flyaway look. I am very happy with my purchases. I also got some tins to carry them in as well.

I also got motivated tonight and finally booked a hotel room for our last night in London. It has been on my to-do list since September. The hotel is called St. Giles. *lol* Yes, I booked it just because of the name, it just happened to be the cheapest as well. I am so stealing stationery from there.


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