A fairly busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I had to work and whilst there wasn’t a huge appointment load there was still plenty to do. We had a tail amputation on a cat to perform and just as we were about to close up we had in a cat that had been hit by a car. Unfortunately it was DOA. It had the most amazing prolapsed eyeball though, very impressive. Then in the afternoon we went to Lela’s parents’ house for a family lunch to celebrate Lela’s birthday. Her brother Julian was down from Bathurst with his girlfriend Tammy and their three dogs; Chopper – a rottweiler, Boss – a Kelpie X and GT – a German Shepherd puppy. Chopper fell instantly in love with Caleb and followed him around all afternoon. Boss also thought that Caleb was pretty cool as well, and spent the afternoon trying to get on Caleb’s good side by submissively licking Caleb’s lips. Poor Caleb, he had groupies and I am not sure he really wanted them. GT was frightened of Caleb and spent most of the time under the table. However, finally he did come out to play. Rory was in pure heaven – GT was a German Shepherd who was her size. Lots of wrestling and bounding around took place. I was very impressed at how well our dogs, especially Caleb played with their “cousins”. Caleb has the tendency to become to dominant and get a little aggressive, but he played really nicely with everyone. Rory got a little narky initially which wasn’t like her, but I think it was because no one was paying her any attention. lelak has some great photos of the dogs on her journal.

Today, we did the chores of grocery shopping and general domesticness. Got the dishes done, sheets changed, swept the floors and did two loads of laundry. Lela, meanwhile, went out and tackled the jungle that is our front and back yards. It is looking a bit more tame now. This afternoon, we went to the basketball, but unfortunately our girls were outclassed by a taller and more cohesive Canberra side. Afterwards, we went out for Christmas drinks with the two girls that sit in front of us at the games – fellow season ticket holders. Then to dinner at Old Saigon for some gorgeous Vietnamese food.
I made a loaf of bread in the bread maker, which was cooking away whilst I was out, but unfortunately, the bottom quarter of it was soggy. I am not sure if that was because I used too much water or because I left it sitting in the bread machine for so long.


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