Zodiac Meme

November 23- December

best paied with Leo, Aries, Pisces,
and Aquarius

Very optimistic, this
astrological sign is always looking on the
bright side. Extremely capable of making
someone laugh their head off, you have a
legendary sense of humor. You are always the
life of the party others can count on you to
make their party a hit.Very honest and caring,
others are safe with you. You will never think
of doing dishonest things, and you will not
tolorate it around you. A dramatic sense of
honor about you adds mystery and grace to your

Negative traits- Blindly
optimistic, careless, irresponsible,
superficial, tactless, and restless.

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This is odd. I am not a Sagittarius, but Lela is. Good thing that they are best paired with Pisces.


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