We actually had a critical case in clinic yesterday, a beagle x that had been hit by a car. When he came in his gums were completely white. We put him on IV fluids and warmed him up and two hours later his gums were a nice healthy pink color. The poor dog got really lucky, just some bruised lungs and some cuts and grazes. He will have a little trouble breathing for a couple of days, but he should heal without any complications.
I got quite good at doing my TPR checks, which was a good experience for me for it has been so long since I have done them. We did respiration checks every 15 minutes and a full check every 30 minutes. Lots of intensive nursing, so only having one other surgery in was a blessing.
The owners of the dog turned up in the evening to take him home and completely flipped out about the bill. Yes, it was kinda expensive at $580, but it including x-rays, IV fluids, pain meds and hospital costs. Frankly, I thought for a dog who had been hit by a car, that got off lucky. The bill would be at least double that if they went to the Animal Referral Hospital, which is the local 24 hour emergency clinic.
I can understand being surprised at the cost, but to yell at me about it and how it wouldn’t cost them that much if they got hit by a car was over the top. Yes, it would cost that much and more if you were in a car accident, but Medicare would pay for it. Medicare does not cover your dog. The owners then started bitching about me in Italian, which wasn’t wise, because I could pretty much understand what they were saying. The words aren’t that different from English. *sigh* I hate clients at times.

Another rant. I was listening to “I don’t get it” a segment on 702 radio where people ring up and ask questions about life’s little mysteries. One guy rang up to complain about the use of the word “crime scene” and how we shouldn’t be using an American term that came from “that TV show”. I really felt like ringing up and explaining how the term “Crime scene” is an internationally used word to describe the scene of the crime and the police who collect evidence at a crime scene have always been called The Crime Scene Unit, long before CSI was even thought of. If we started calling him CSIs, then that would have been call for a rant, but they are known as SOCO (Scene of Crime Officers) and have been for the past 15 years.


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