Woke up extremely late this morning (9am) and had less than an hour to get myself out of the door. Fortunately, work called and told me to come in late as nothing was going on. Therefore, I did more work on getting my house looking less like a pigsty. I sweep all the floors and cleaned off two whole shelves in the living room, so that Lela can finally unpack the box of books that have been sitting in the living room for the past three and a half years. I did all this in under an hour. I was so damn proud of myself.
Work started off slowly, but we got hit with an onslaught of clients in the afternoon consult session. I think we only had a 10 minutes break from 4 -7pm. There were so many walk-ins, including a small maltese that ate a foam headphone ear protector. She has given a dose of apomorphine and then for some reason Catriona put her back in the waiting room with a pile of newspaper to throw up on. It was very disconcerting for clients to walk in to our clinic and see a small maltese throwing up in the waiting room. Thankfully, she did bring up the headphone ear protector.
I also took in some of the shortbread cookies I made last Thursday. They were a big hit, then again, any kind of sweets/cake/cookies are always welcomed in our clinic.


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