Finally on my way to getting the house looking tidier and with less clutter. I realised I had to do something about the mess that is my house when I lost a pair of my work jeans. I have no idea where they are.
I joined FlyLady a system to help you get your house (and life) organised. The first thing you start with is getting dressed every morning and then cleaning the sink. She is very obsessed about cleaning the sink. I guess it is a way of saying to yourself that not everything is a mess, cause, hey, the sink is clean. Since I cleaned the sink on Thursday and it is still clean, I skipped that part this morning.
The next thing they talk about is hot spots, those areas in your house where clutter and mess builds up. My house has three main hot spots; the kitchen table, the kitchen side-table and the bar. However, the more I look, the more I see hot spots. My whole damn house is a hot spot.
Anyway, I got pro-active this morning and I cleaned up the kitchen table and the side-table. I couldn’t even see the kitchen table when I started and now there is not a thing on it – and it is going to stay that way!
The side-table had thousands of magazines on it, dog towels thrown all over it and just general clutter. The magazines have gone into the recycling bin except my Veterinary Nursing journals which now have a home in a magazine holder on the side-table. I have folded the dog towels and blankets into two neat piles and the newspaper is now neatly in a pile as well. And damn it looks good. :)
The next thing I have to tackle is the bar…. that might take a while.


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