The Pumpkin Lasagna was okay, but next time I am going to use more pumpkin, but not add any milk when I mash it and also make the sauce less runny – there was just too much juice. Also it could have used an extra 5 minutes in the oven.

The first half of my work day was really quiet, so I had time to play with the kittens. The ginger kitten has discovered the joys of cuddles and spent most of time playing in my lap and nudging my hand when I stopped patting him. I also got little kitten kisses as well. The grey kitten is anti-cuddles, he doesn’t want to be held by anyone, but he loves to play with me. Playing is fun, cuddling is not. Obviously he is a very independent little kitten.
Today we also had a dog that was brought in yesterday afternoon with breathing difficulties. It has a large tumor in the back of its throat that is bleeding, so the poor dog had blood dripping out of her nose all day. She is being euthanised tonight.
In the afternoon, we had a client bring his SWF dog in for its vaccinations and heartworm injection that were due two years ago. He also wanted it clipped. Now, clients that just walk in demanding a clip are bad enough, but when their dogs are little shits it is even worse. The dog got a good bite on my hand, which fortunately didn’t draw blood. Had to chase the little shit around the consult room and corner it to try to sedate it. It took two of us, with blankets and safety gloves to capture this mini terrorist. Even when sedated and muzzled she still tried to bite me. Needless to say, the clip wasn’t a good one, but at least the dog isn’t matted anymore and her nails have been cut.
When Kerri came in at 4pm, she brought a friend with her – a cat she discovered sitting outside of the doctor’s surgery (the same place Kumquat had been found). This poor cat is extremely pregnant. She was microchipped, so hopefully we will be able to track down the owners, but I fear she may have been dumped.
Therefore, we may have even more kittens. If that wasn’t enough apparently a man is going to bring in 5 kittens that are living in his backyard as well. We are going to be overrun with kittens soon.


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