I had to work this morning even though I wasn’t rostered on. Apparently Lorelle isn’t able to read the weekend roster that has been up since June to work out what weekend is her weekend on. She only works one weekend a month, and yet when I have to fill in, it is always her I am filling in for.
Fortunately, most of the shift was quiet and our junior bothered to turn up, so I didn’t have much to do except fold the towels and play with the kittens. However as is always the case when the morning is quite someone shows up right on finishing time. This time it was a foster carer with a sick dog, Radar. Radar came to us 2 weeks ago from the pound. We did not do surgery on him as he had diarrhea and kennel cough, so we sent him on to his foster carer for him to recover. She calls us at 11:15am saying that the dog hasn’t moved since last night and could she bring him in. She lives all the way over in Chatswood so it takes her 45 minutes to get to us. Why on earth she didn’t call earlier I will never know. When she shows up she can tell us nothing about the dog’s eating or drinking habits or whether it still has diarrhea. She has 4 dogs and she just puts out a big bowl of food for all of them. Fair enough, if it works for your own dogs, but you have an already sick and elderly dog. You are supposed to monitor it. The dog just came out of a pound with a known parvo problem, and you know this. *headdesk* I have a lot of respect for foster carers but more and more often it seems these people have way too many dogs in order to take care of them all properly. It just frustrates and irritates me. We admitted Radar for a course of IV antibiotics.

To make matters worse, there was trackwork, so instead of waiting around for the CityRail bus I just walked to Strathfield station and then waited half an hour for my train. I was not happy. It was hot and I was already grumpy.

To continue my rant further, I joined an Australian Discworld mailing list. Unfortunately, it seems to be populated with people who like to poke fun of people who embrace fandom and think they are better than them. This is a list of people who all have position titles and wacky usernames. I really feel like telling them that they too are fandom geeks. Also fanfiction is beneath them and people who dress up in costumes must be mocked constantly. When a LJ haiku meme was posted to the list, I asked who on the list had journals or blogs. Several people replied that they had LJs but only real life friends could know their username and friend them as they wanted to keep their blogging and the Discworld email list separate. I can understand that, but why broadcast that you have a blog then? Why not just say nothing? Or do they want to say to others that they have a blog which you can’t read and then in making themselves seem more special? Somehow, I am thinking the latter.


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