I love my job

There are times when I really love my job. Today was one of them. One of my tasks today was to handle two 8 week old kittens asmuch as possible. It was actually my job to sit in the cat room cuddling kittens. The two kittens, a ginger tabby male and a grey tabby male, are both really skittish and scared of humans. However, they will let you pick them up, once you have caught them, without trying to bite or scratch you. The little ginger boy will also start up an almighty purr once you have been patting him for a minute. He is happy to crawl around my lap and play with my shoelaces. The little grey tabby is very wary of me, he really doesn’t trust me. Both of them still need to be litter trained, but they have worked out how to use the scratching post. There is nothing cuter than baby kittens attacking the scratching post. They will be staying with us for a week before being put up for adoption. We already have one person looking for a male kitten and I am sure it won’t take long for the both of them to be rehomed.


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