I am now unofficially a qualified vet nurse. It will be official when I get my shiny certificate, but today was my last day of TAFE and I have passed everything and have gotten my skills book signed off. Woo Hoo!! I still don’t know how to do a blood draw or insert a catheter, which was two skills I wanted to learn to do, but I guess I shall have to harass people at work to let me try them. I am going to miss going to TAFE, the lessons were, the majority of the time, a waste of time, but I loved the people in my class. They were a cool bunch, even including the Teen Angst section, and I know I miss our weekly ‘bitch about work’ sessions. It was good knowing that you weren’t the only one who felt like they should know how to do more things at this stage.

I had a dentist appointment today – my first in over 3 years. My left upper canine has been hurting on and off for a couple of months and I was sure I had a cavity there. Turns out I have a small cavity in between my two front teeth, which for some strange reason, they did not fix. Just ended up having my teeth scaled and polished and a fluoride treatment. It wasn’t too bad, mainly cause I was focused on what equipment they used and how it was similar/different to what I use at work to do dentals. I also scared the dentist and the dental nurse by describing how we dentals on dogs. It is very primitive compared to human dentistry. Suction, who need suction when you can just tip their heads downwards and have all the water and crap flow into a bucket under the operating table. That fact made them really freak out. My teeth are now really white and feel really defined, if that makes any sense.


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