iTunes Meme

Stolen from somedayvet
Set your iTunes to Shuffle. Use each song that comes up, in order, to answer the following questions…

Question: What do you think of me, iTunes?
Answer: Goodbye To You – Michelle Branch

iTunes hates me.

Question: Will I have a happy life?
Answer: Steer Clear – Genevieve Maynard

Does that mean I will steer clear of sadness or steer clear of happiness.

Question: What do my friends really think of me?
Answer: Time After Time – Tara Maurice

I keep coming back?

Question: Do people secretly lust after me?
Answer: Fine Day For Sailing – Go Sailor

People fantasise about taking me sailing?

Question: What should I do with my life?
Answer: Firefly Theme – Joss Whedon

Obviously I should be in space committing crime.

Question: Why must life be so full of pain?
Answer: My Band – D12

Rap music is obviously the reason for a life full of pain.

Question: How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Answer: Babooshka – Kate Bush

Have anonymous sex with my wife.. right.. gotcha.

Question: Will I ever have children?
Answer: Joining You – Alanis Morissette

Children will be joining me?? *runs away in fear*

Question: Will I die happy?
Answer: Sleepless Commotion – The Murmurs

Obviously not then.

Question: Can you give me some advice?
Answer: Cantina Band – John Williams

See, I should be in space committing crime.

Question: What do you think happiness is?
Answer: Battle of Hoth – John Williams

I agree, Original Star Wars is happiness.

Question: What’s my favorite fetish?
Answer: Bulletproof – Genevieve Maynard

Apparently I have a fetish for women in kevlar. Yeah, I would buy that.

Question: Am I complete freak?
Answer: About Nothin’ – The Murmurs

Umm… okay then.


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