The plan today was to meet my parents and Lela’s parents in Bondi, have lunch and have a look at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. What we didn’t think about was the amount of traffic in Bondi on a Sunday. It took us 40 minutes to find a park, so by the time we arrived at the restaurant for lunch we were already frustrated. Then the restaurant took over an hour to serve us lunch, we had to go up and complain twice and basically stand there to make sure that they made our meals and stopped giving them to other people. Then Lela’s corn on the cob came out completely uncooked, which lead to another 15 minute wait for it. By the time I got lunch I was totally over it and really didn’t eat much. We gave up going to the exhibition, we were just too annoyed to deal with the whole thing, so we left our parents to wander through it together whilst we headed off to do the grocery shopping. We found some more goat meat for the dogs – $40 worth, so we decided to be frivolous and buy it. It ended up dividing into meals for 13 days at a cost of $1.50 per day per dog, so it wasn’t all that frivolous of a purchase. The dogs are now happy munching on two big shanks of goat and looking very happy with themselves.


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