More stupid clients. This one your typical North Shore rich bitch and her son with their cat, not in a carrier. She pitched a fit when a dog urinated in the waiting room. It happens love, get over it besides I am the one cleaning it up not you. She was a Bartercard customer and I am coming to really hate them. Yes, services and medication are available on Bartercard, merchandise is not and no whining and complaining to me won’t make it so. She had a real good whine when I told her that Revolution was not covered by Bartercard nor was any other flea treatment. At that point neither her son nor her wanted to hold on to their cat, so they let it go feral on my reception desk. So I held the cat whilst I processed her Bartercard and was still holding the cat when I put through her Mastercard to pay for the Revolution. At which point the phone rang, so I was talking on the phone, processing her account and holding her fucking cat. At no time did she offer to hold the damn thing. Stupid bitch! Her son was also a little shit going around picking up products off the shelf and then remarking loudly how the price was a rip off. Felt like belting him around the head a couple of times.

Also had in a little aggressive terrier that even with two doses of sedation was trying to kill me. That was a fun groom…not. I really have to work on my fear of aggressive dogs. I know it is a natural reaction to stay far away from something which is trying to do you harm, but that reaction prevents me from doing my job. I am fine once the dogs are muzzled, they can go ape-shit and I don’t care, but having those teeth being free to do damage just scares me. For some reason, I am better with aggressive cats and they have claws.

On the good side, the Flames won their game last night!! It was a close game and it was down to the wire right til the very end. I love basketball games like that.


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