This week has been the week of abusive clients. On Monday I have a client ring me up enquiring about the price for grooming a schnauzer. I told her it would be approx $50 – $55 depending on how much work was required. She told me that she has only ever been charged $40 at our clinic, which was absolute crap as I checked her history and she was charged $45 every time. I informed her that we never have charged $40, so she changed her story to make it $45, so I let her know that we have had a price increase. She wanted her groom charged at $45 because she was a long-term client. Sorry love but just because we see you at most twice a year to groom your dog and you never get any vet work done here does not make you a valued client. Also when we do see your dog he is so matted and takes so long to do we should be charging you extra for it. I hate people who think that they are worthy of special deals. What makes you so much more important than all our other clients? I don’t mind doing something special for those clients who truly are valued clients, who spend a fair bit at our clinic and don’t demand anything special be done for them.

The next bit of abuse I coped was on Wednesday night. Way back in December 04 we saw Mr P’s dog who had fairly shocking fight wounds. We literally saved this dog’s life and because we were feeling generous on that day we gave him an account. Mr P signed off on the terms of the accounts – $5 a month plus 3% of the amount owing and told us that he would pay $50 a month, which was written on the form and he signed. It took him 3 months to pay any money, then another 3 months, then another. Every time we have had to call him and harass him to pay. So on Wednesday night after a week of calling him he comes in and pays $60 off his account. I printed him a receipt showing the account keeping fees etc and he went ballistic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find his account agreement to show him what he signed up to in order to prove my point that these fees were legitimate. He actually came back to yell at me some more after I managed to get rid of him. I was angry I couldn’t find his original form to shove in his face. He is actually lucky we haven’t called the sheriff on him for failure to pay. When I eventually located his account agreement I copied it, so he couldn’t rip it up when he next came in to yell at us. For the rest of the night I felt cheated out of having a really good argument with him. I hope he comes back tomorrow. I have a lot of pent up anger I would like to unleash.


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