Was told to have the morning off this morning and to come in at 2pm. So I did what any other geek would do – I MUDed all morning. My character is now up to level 14, can brew tea (embarassingly this is a huge accomplishment) and I have a pet cat. My next aim is to learn to fly a broomstick.

Work, when I got there, was dead. The only thing I had to do was to bath a border collie who didn’t want to bathed. Having dealt with Caleb’s hysterics at being bathed, this was a piece of cake.
I also had a cat in called Jojo – (nancyamazon I thought you would find this amusing). Jojo was in for a clip and bath and she decided that everyone was evil and must die. I guess is a natural reaction when you go to sleep covered in fur and wake up to find yourself naked. Nothing is more amusing than a cat who wants to kill you everytime you walk past. There is something disturbingly funny about it. It is even more funny when it is a shaved cat, cause no matter how hard you try not to make them look stupid, they always do.

Finally finished “The Colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett. Now to begin “The Light Fantastic” – Book 2 in the Discworld series.


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