Work was fairly slow today. We had a golden retriever in with hot spots all down its back and tail. It is now a very naked looking retriever as the best way to get hot spots to heal is to firstly shave all off the hair around them. However, after a shave, a bath and some Neocort, the skin was looking less red and raw.
Also had a cat in with an abscessed anal gland – lots of lovely pus. It has been a while since we have had a good pusy abscess.
Another thing that happened today is that I got peed on. We were trying to get a worming tablet down this small aggressive dog’s throat and he peed on my shirt – and I wasn’t wearing a scrub top. I was dog pee woman for the rest of the day. My dogs totally loved it when I came home. I smelt extremely interesting rather than just very interesting. So not impressed.


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