Work has been extremely busy the last few days. On Tuesday we had three dogs from the same family brought in all with fighting wounds. The owners have 5 fox terriers, all of who have a sibling or parental relationship with one another – mother, father and the three children. This is the third time we have patched them up and it is getting beyond a joke. The owners are absolutely incompetent and fail to realise that there is a huge problem. Also five dogs in one suburbian backyard is in my opinion a little excessive and I imagine quite cramped. It is little wonder the dogs are fighting.

Yesterday we had nine surgeries; eight of them puppies from the same litter. We had one girl try to bleed out on us, which was a tad scary, but her color remained good through out it all – she just lost an alarming amount of blood. We wrapped her abdomen up in a pressure bandage and the vet spent her lunch break nursing her until she fell asleep. One of her brother also had a slight bleed as well, so it is likely that there is a clotting disorder running through the family. Nine surgeries in one day in not fun. My muscles are still aching this morning.


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