A Quiet Day at Work

Things were completely dead at work yesterday. There was literally nothing to do. I spent the first half of my shift playing with Abby, a border collie pup and Barney, a golden retriever guide dog. Barney is obsessed with playing fetch and since it was raining outside, we played fetch in the clinic. It is kinda fun throwing a ball the length of the clinic and watching two dogs madly run down the hallway after it.
Todd, my boss, then brought his dogs in for a clip. This was a mistake. Having two bored nurses, two dogs and clippers is never going to end well. We did a normal clip on Pepper as she is extremely thin and suffering from congestive heart failure. We wanted to do her clip as fast as possible to reduce stress. With Monty however, things got silly. We gave Monty a lion clip – he had a mane, a shaved tail with a puff of hair on its end, and because he doesn’t like his feet being done, he got booties. Poor dog looked absolutely ridiculous. Fortunately, Todd really doesn’t care what his dogs look like, though I have a feeling that his wife is going to kill me on Monday morning. :)

After work I headed down to the Rose to see Gen in her final gig with her current band. She is changing her music style from folk rock to alt country. It is certainly going to be an interesting transition. Unfortunately, this means she won’t be playing her current set of songs anymore – and they are so good. Sad to realise that last night is probably the last time I will hear them live.


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