Bird Flu

I just don’t get the blind panic about this virus that is currently infecting the community. We are talking about a virus that can not be transferred from human to human and can only be contracted by exposure to enormously large amounts of the virus. Yet, politicians and the general public alike are acting like we could all die any second from it.
Tony Abbott, the Health Minister, is saying that the bird flu is a matter of national security and is tossing around the idea of mass vaccinations with the bird flu virus. This virus however, may not protect anyone against a potential mutant strain that is transferable from human to human. I also get very scared when the government labels anything as “national security”. I get visions of forced vaccinations and tougher new laws against what used to be freedom.
Also on a few on my dog raw feeding lists, people are getting hysterical and refusing to feed their dogs chicken as they might die from bird flu. This is despite evidence that bird flu is not infectious to canines or felines and that chicken stocks in Australia, the US and the UK are not affected. Can we at least wait until we have a real threat before getting all worked up?

I do agree that scientists must watch this virus for potential mutations and I am all for the drafting of plans for a pandemic, but being assaulted every hour by news reports about bird flu is really testing my patience. Thousands of people die every week from influenza around the world. 60 people die from bird flu, and we overreact and panic.

I think what the world needs is a nice cup of a tea and a good lie down.


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