Accident waiting to happen

A very quiet day at work today as we had nothing booked in today at all; no consults, no grooms and no surgery. Also our clinic is still clean and organised from the Open Day so no real “busy” work I could be doing either. A very boring morning until I decided to walk through a door whilst closing it at the same time. This resulted in a very loud bang and severe pain in my left elbow. I am now sporting a lovely bruise and much pain. I must remember to close the door *after* I walk through it, not during.

We ended up getting one surgery in and the afternoon consult period was started to fill up nicely by the time I left. We have 4 surgeries for tomorrow, and hopefully no grooms. I am over doing grooms and am desperately hoping that this rainy weather we are currently having will make people decide not to get their SWF clipped.


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