Had an eventful shift on Friday as we had two emergencies in. The first was a dog that hadn’t eaten for two weeks, because the ideal time to bring a dog like that to the vet is on Friday evening. We could see a blockage of some sort on the x-ray but nothing to identify what it is. Since the dog is still drinking and is not vommiting we sent it home with some paraffin oil to see if the blockage will pass. We are supposed to see the dog on Tuesday regardless of what has happened, but since the owner freaked out at the cost of x-rays etc, I doubt we will see him again.
The second emergency was an overweight chihuahua that had collapsed the previous night. When we tried to hear a heartbeat it was all muffled and the gum color was not good. We admitted it for chest x-rays and oxygen therapy. Its O2 stats were 67% – not good at all. It soon went into respiratory failure and we couldn’t revive it. Very sad, and yet because I was a horrible person, I was kinda glad it died so I could get to the Flames basketball game on time. I am a very horrible person.

The Flames first home game was a lot of fun – I have missed watching basketball during the off-season. However, we lost 73-68. It was a close game, but for some reason, the team just wasn’t in sync and getting the much needed baskets.

Today, I went and got my haircut. It is now just above my shoulders. Since I was bored and restless, I went and brought some Burgundy hair dye and seriously debated getting my ears pierced – up on the middle of my ears. However, I wisely thought that boredom was not a good enough reason.
I have just finishing dying my hair, but because it is still wet, it is hard to tell how purple it is going to end up being. I must admit I kinda had fun dying my hair and doing the girly stuff like shaving my legs whilst waiting for the dye to set. I had Alanis blasting on my stereo and it was all good.


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