Wind Beneath My Wings should be banned

Especially at funeral and most definitely when accompanied by pictures. It would have to be one of the most depressing songs in existence. Yesterday was my Uncle Peter’s funeral. He died after a long battle with cancer. The whole funeral was extremely depressing, but I really liked the vibe of it. It was really informal. Various family members spoke about his life and what he meant to them and the pictures were a wonderful tribute. What I didn’t like is when religion got involved. The funeral was just what a funeral should be – a celebration of a life lived, until the priest started speaking and we got our dose of religion shoved down our throats. I have had more than enough of Christian services having a Catholic wedding and a Methodist funeral all in one week.
Yet again, the funeral was where the family caught up with each other and we all commented that we really must stop having family reunions at funerals. I meet 7 second cousins (Uncle Peter’s grandkids) I didn’t even knew existed and was totally freaked out about how all of us have the same characteristics. Genetics is strong in my family. As kids, all of us had blonde hair and most of us also had blue eyes as well. My little cousins are almost exact replicates of my cousins and I as kids. Us old farts spent a good deal of time freaking out about this. I was also needlessly amused by having a little cousin called Jorja. Yes, I am weird I know.
It was sad to see that my grandfather really has no idea who anyone is anymore. As I expected, he didn’t know who I was, but the worst was seeing his totally lack of emotion at the funeral. He understands that his son has died, but it just doesn’t mean anything to him. Then again, if he was all there, it would have totally devastated him, so maybe it is for the best he doesn’t really understand what is going on. However, being grandfather’s wheelchair operator I finally understood some family connections as everyone who spoke to grandfather would explain whose son/uncle/sister etc they were.
Funerals are also the time where people like to tell you embarrassing stories of you when you are little. The fact that I used to drag around a bucket on a lead and then graduated to a toy dog on a lead was told many times, especially when people were told I was a vet nurse. Also the fact that I am the youngest of the first cousins but am the tallest of the lot was also pointed out many times. Not my fault the rest of my family are tiny.
I am glad the funeral is over and done with. I have been stressing about it all week. Now I can relax and enjoy my weekend and calm down.


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